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Touch screen failure

The touch screen can’t work when the mobile phone is charging on the desktop or taken from the pocket suddenly. Because most android mobile phones’ screen are capacitive touch screen and there is electrostatic interference on the screen surface. Then you can press the power button to turn off the

Mobile phone getting hot

The mobile phone will get hot when you are using it, because the radio-frequency circuit and CPU are running at a high speed and the power dissipation is larger; the mobile phone will get hot when it is charging, because there are large current. When the mobile phones are leaving factory, temperatur

Short standby time

1. If you don’t use the Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, Auto autorotation and data traffic function, you can just turn off.2. The screen brightness should be adjusted to suit your brightness and we recommend you to use the automatic adjustment brightness.3. Turning off unused background programs can greatly

Suddenly restart

The Android phone is suddenly restarted when you use it. The smartphones like the PC, there is a complex operating system and internet application software and the abnormal of the software will cause the phone to restart. It may be normal generally if it is not restarted frequently or some kind of a

Unable to turn on

Sometimes the mobile phone can’t be turned on when it is placed for a long time, because the battery capacity is used up. You need recharge 10 minutes to confirm that if you can turn it on or not. Sometimes you should try to press the power button for 10 seconds to force to turn it off, and you can

Unable to install installation package

It is mostly that the installation package was not downloaded or it was damaged, or it was inadequacy to install in your phone system version. Then you need download complete installation package or update your phone system version to the latest version.